Bloodline of the Holy Grail, in the British Monarchy

In the genealogical community, there  are some who believe that Yeshua (The Prophet Isa) was married, his wife was named Mary MAGDALENE, and of the marriage had several children…

In fact they also believe, Yeshua descendants still exists today…

This is the British monarchs’ family tree,  from Yeshu, son of Mary ‘Holy Mother’ (Bloodline of The Holy Grail)…

01. Mary `Holy Mother’
02. Eesho  (Isa/Yeshu) (m. Mary MAGDALENE)
03. Joseph RAMA-THEO
04. Josue (Bishop) the GRAIL-KING
05. Aminadab the GRAIL-KING
06. Cathaloys (Catheloys Carcelois) the GRAIL-KING

07. Manael (Manuel Emanuel) the GRAIL-KING
08. Titurel (Titure) the GRAIL-KING
09. Boaz (Anfortas Enfertez)
10. Frotmund (Frimutel) the GRAIL-KING (FISHER-KING)
11. Faramund (of the Grail Myth)
12. Clodius V (King) of WESTPHALIA
13. Merovech (I; King) of (Salic) FRANKS
14. Childeric I (King) of FRANKS
15. Clovis `the Great’ (1st King) of All FRANKS
16. Chlothar I (2nd King) of All FRANKS
17. Chilperic I (King) of SOISSONS
18. Clotaire (Clothaire Chlothar) II (3rd King) of All FRANKS
19. Dagobert I (11th Archduke) of AUSTRASIA
20. Sigisbert II (12th Archduke) of AUSTRASIA

21. Dagobert II (Archduke) of AUSTRASIA
22. Sigebert (III; IV; I; Comte) de RAZES
23. Sigebert IV (V; II; Comte) de RAZES
24. Bera III (Comte) de RAZES
25. Guillaume (Comte) de RAZES
26. Bera IV (Count) de RAZES
27. Argila (Count) de RAZES
28. Bera V (Count) de RAZES
29. Bernard I (Bera) Razes (de Plantavelu)
30. Bernard II Plantavelu
31. Raculf Mâcon
32. Odalaine (Tolana) Macon (Mâcon)
33. Humbert de Sahlien
34. Adele de Sahlien
35. Fulbert Tonnerre (Tonniere)
36. Herleve (Arletta) of Falaise (FitzFulbert)
37. William I FitzRobert (The Conqueror)
38. Henry I BEAUCLERC (King) of ENGLAND
39. Matilda (Maud Augusta) the EMPRESS
40. Henry II (King) of ENGLAND

41. John `Lackland’ (King) of ENGLAND
42. Henry III (King) of ENGLAND
43. Edward I (King) of ENGLAND
44. Edward II (King) of ENGLAND
45. Edward III (WINDSOR; King) of ENGLAND
49. Edward IV `of Rouen’ PLANTAGENET-YORK
50. Elizabeth (of YORK) PLANTAGENET
51. Margaret TUDOR
52. James V STUART (41st King) of SCOTS
53. Mary STUART (42nd Queen) of SCOTS
54. James I STUART (King) of GREAT BRITAIN
55. Elizabeth STUART (Princess) of GREAT BRITAIN
57. George I Louis HANOVER (King) of ENGLAND
58. George II Augustus (King) of ENGLAND
59. Frederick Louis (Lewes) (Prince) of ENGLAND
60. George III (King) of ENGLAND


61. Edward Augustus (Prince) of GREAT BRITAIN & Ireland
62. Victoria of HANOVER (Queen) of ENGLAND
64. George V WINDSOR (King) of ENGLAND
65. George VI Albert WINDSOR (King) of ENGLAND
66. Elizabeth II Alexandra Mary WINDSOR (Queen) of ENGLAND

Source :
1. Bera V (Count) de RAZES (fabpedigree)
2. William I FitzRobert (The Conqueror) – rodovid
3. James V STUART (41st King) of SCOTS (fabpedigree)
4. George I Louis HANOVER (King) of ENGLAND (fabpedigree)
5. The Hodden History of Jesus and the Holy Grail – Part 3
6. The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail

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2 responses to “Bloodline of the Holy Grail, in the British Monarchy

  1. Wɑy cool! Some very valid points! І apρreciate уoս penning this post
    and also the rest off thе website іs гeally good.

  2. Where are all of the missing books of the bible. I demand to read them. Why continue to force the lies upon us as a society to make pun of us? That is a pathetic endeavor to ridicule the truth and try to keep fooling the truth with their lies. Than call it blasphemy for trying to find the truth in their ridiculing as OBNOXIOUS little inferior lying monkeys as people. Unacceptable. Intolerable. Inexcusable. Unpardonable. Unforgivable. Unreasonable. I am reading the books that are not in the bible that have been withdrawn out of it for them to be, People of the Lie.

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