Zhuang Culture (壮族), in the Minangkabau Ethnic (Indonesia) Community

The Zhuang people mostly live in Guang Xi province (Zhuang Autonomous Region), and the surrounding provinces like Yun Nam, Guang Dong in southern China.

There is an interesting thing, it turns Zhuang Culture, has some similarities with the culture of Minang Tribe residing in Indonesia.

zhuangminang1Source :


2 responses to “Zhuang Culture (壮族), in the Minangkabau Ethnic (Indonesia) Community

  1. It’s Interesting,but our Ancestors are not from Southern,China and the Out Of Yunan Thought is part of Pseudo Science,for that you can check here >> http://www.bradshawfoundation.com/journey/

    Linguistically is huge different,because Minang Ethnic are Malayic (Austronesian-Malayo-Polynesian) Speakers on other hand Zhuang Ethnic is not.

  2. Linguistically Zhuang Ethnic are not same or Huge Different with Minang Ethnic,but they have some Similarties,it’s look like Basque Ethnic who Linguistically is Huge Different with Wales Ethnic,but Genetically have Similarties (i made an Analogy for this Case).

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