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Sir Rowland Allanson Winn (Shaikh Rahmatullah al-Farooq), the 42nd-generation descendant of the Prophet Muhammad?

Sir Rowland George Allanson Allanson-Winn (19 January 1855 – 22 June 1935), was born in London. He embraced Islam on 16 November 1913 and adopted the Muslim name of Shaikh Rahmatullah al-Farooq (wikipedia).

He wrote several small booklets about Islam and many articles in the monthly Islamic Review, the journal of the Woking Mission. He worked hard on plans (which were never fulfilled) to build a grand mosque in London itself (aquila-style.com).

Sir Rowland George Allanson Allanson-Winn, Genealogy

A. Eleanor de Castile, from MUHAMMAD ‘The Prophet’
(source : Muhammad “The Prophet”, in the Genealogy of the US President ?)

01. MUHAMMAD ‘The Prophet’
03. Husain
04. Ali Zainal Abidin
05. Muhammad al Baqir
06. Ja’far ash Shadiq
07. Musa al Kadzim
08. Ali ar Ridha
09. Abu Djaffer Muhammad
10. Abu Hassan Ali
11. Ishar
12. Abdullah I of Cordoba
13. Muhammad II of Cordoba
14. Abd. Rahman III of Cordoba
15. al Hakam II of Cordoba

16. Mawiyah bint al Hakam II (source : fabpedigree.com)
(m. Gonsalo Gustaves de Lara)

17. Nuno Gonsalez de Lara
18. Gonsalo Nunez de Lara
19. Nuno Gonsalez de Lara
20. Jimena Munez
21. Teresa of Castile
22. Alfonso I of Portugal
23. Urraca of Portugal
24. Alfonso IX of Leon
25. Ferdinand III of Castile
26. Eleanor of Castile, Queen consort of England

B. Sir Rowland George Allanson, from Eleanor de Castile

(source : Geni.com, Rowland George Allanson-Winn)

26. Eleanor of Castile, Queen consort of England
(m. Edward I “Longshanks”, King of England)

27. Elizabeth of Rhuddlan, Countess of Hereford
28. William de Bohun, 1st Earl of Northampton
29. Elizabeth de Bohun, Countess of Arundel
30. Elizabeth FitzAlan, Duchess of Norfolk
31. Isabel de Mowbray
32. Thomas de Berkeley
33. Richard Guy Berkeley, Esq.
34. William Berkeley
35. Roland Berkeley
36. Mary Berkeley
37. Sir George Winn, 1st Bt
38. George Winn
39. Pelham Winn
40. George Allanson-Winn, 1st Baron Headley
41. George Allanson-Winn
42. Rowland Allanson-Winn, of Glenbeigh, Co Kerry
43. Rowland George Allanson-Winn, 5th Baron Headley

WaLlahu a’lamu bishshawab