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Muhammad “The Prophet”, in the Genealogy of the US President ?

Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim (Arabic:محمد بن عبد الله بن عبد المطلب‎), also transliterated as Muhammad (Arabic: محمد‎), was a religious, political, and military leader from Mecca who unified Arabia into a single religious polity under Islam.

He is believed by Muslims  to be a messenger and prophet of God (Source : wikipedia)

Through his daughter Fatima, the Prophet Muhammad much lower the leaders in the world, both in the west and the east, including the President of the United States.


The presence of the Prophet Muhammad in European descent, is closely related to the widespread power caliph of Islam, to master the Spanish territory.

When the transfer of power, most of them adapt to the local situation, and this is where the beginning of the rise of Arab Lineage in Europe.

Descent-line from Fatima binti Mohammed ‘The Prophet’ 

Line 1 :
01. MUHAMMAD ‘The Prophet’
03. Husain
04. Ali Zainal Abidin
05. Muhammad al Baqir
06. Ja’far ash Shadiq
07. Musa al Kadzim
08. Ali ar Ridha
09. Abu Djaffer Muhammad
10. Abu Hassan Ali
11. Ishar
12. Abdullah I
13. Muhammad II
14. Abd. Rahman III
15. al Hakam II
16. Mawiyah
17. Nuno Gonsalez de Lara
18. Gonsalo Nunez de Lara
19. Nuno Gonsalez de Lara
20. Jimena Munez
21. Teresa of Castile
22. Alfonso I of Portugal
23. Urraca of Portugal
24. Alfonso IX of Leon
25. Ferdinand III of Castile
26. Eleanor de Castile (m. KING EDWARD I of ENGLAND)

Line 2 :
01. MUHAMMAD ‘The Prophet’
03. Hasan
04. Al-Hasan el-Muthanna
05. Abdullah
06. Idris I ‘Emir of Fez
07. Idris II ‘Emir of Fez’
08. Al-Kassim
09. Muhammed
10. Al-Hasan el-Hajjam
11. Abeth al-Hasani
12. Fethe
13. Lovesendo Ramirez de Leon
14. Aboazar Lovesendes
15. Hermigio Abunazar
16. Adosinda Ermiguiz
17. Fernao Paes da Cunha
18. Laurenco Fernandes da Cunha
19. Vasco Laurenco da Cunha
20. Martim Vasquez da Cunha
21. Vasco Martinez de Acuna
22. Teresa Vazquez de Acuna
23. Gomez Perez de Toledo Vazquez
24. Diego Gomez de Toledo
25. Sancha de Ayala (m. Walter Blount)
26. Constance Blount
27. John VI Sutton

Through two line above, the Family Tree continues until the President of the United States some, Learn more, please visit the following link:
1. Barack Obama (44th President)
2. George Herbert Walker Bush (41st President, 1989 – 1993) and George Walker Bush (43th President, 2001 – 2009)
3. Bill Clinton (42nd President, 1993 – 2001)
4. Ronald Reagan (40th President, 1981 – 1989)
5. John F. Kennedy (35th President, 1961 – 1963)
6. Abraham Lincoln (16th President, 1861 – 1865)
7. George Washington (1st President, 1789 – 1797)

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