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Charles ‘Abd al-Mateen’ John Pelham, The first Muslim High Sheriff of Lincolnshire and The 49th descendant of Muhammad ‘The Prophet’

Queen Elizabeth II of the UK has appointed the 8th Earl of Yarborough, Charles John Pelham, as the High Sheriff of Lincolnshire.

Charles John Pelham is the son of John Pelham, 7th Earl of Yarborough (1920-1991) and Florence Anne Petronel Upton (1924-2013). He was educated at Eton College.

He succeeded his father to the title and a 28,000 acre (113 square kilometre) Lincolnshire estate in 1991. He is set to become the first Muslim High Sheriff of Lincolnshire.

Charles John Pelham, (born 5 November 1963), inherited a £68 million estate from his father, the 7th Earl of Yarborough. He is also a master of the Brocklesby Hunt, and President of Brocklesby Park Cricket Club.

He took on the name Abd al-Mateen after he converted to Islam.

Charles ‘Abd al-Mateen’ John Pelham, Genealogy

01. MUHAMMAD ‘The Prophet’
03. Husain
04. Ali Zainal Abidin
05. Muhammad al Baqir
06. Ja’far ash Shadiq
07. Musa al Kadzim
08. Ali ar Ridha
09. Abu Djaffer Muhammad
10. Abu Hassan Ali
11. Ishar
12. Abdullah I
13. Muhammad II
14. Abd. Rahman III
15. al Hakam II
16. Mawiyah
17. Nuno Gonsalez de Lara
18. Gonsalo Nunez de Lara
19. Nuno Gonsalez de Lara
20. Jimena Munez
21. Teresa of Castile
22. Alfonso I of Portugal
23. Urraca of Portugal
24. Alfonso IX of Leon
25. Ferdinand III of Castile
26. Eleanor de Castile (m. EDWARD I (King) of ENGLAND)
27. Edward II (King) of ENGLAND
28. Edward III (WINDSOR; King) of ENGLAND
30. Richard PLANTAGENET of CONISBURGH (1375? – 1415)
32. Edward IV `of Rouen’ PLANTAGENET-YORK
33. Elizabeth (of YORK) PLANTAGENET
34. Margaret TUDOR (London 1489 – 1541 Perthshire)
35. James V STUART (41st King) of SCOTS
36. Mary STUART (42nd Queen) of Scots
37. James VI of Scotland and I of England
38. Elizabeth STUART, Queen of Bohemia
39. Charles I Louis, Elector Palatine
40. Raugravine Karoline of the Palatinate
41. Frederica Mildmay, Countess of Mértola
42. Robert Darcy, 4th Earl of Holderness
43. Amelia Osborne, Marchioness of Carmarthen
44. George Osborne, 6th Duke of Leeds
45. Lady Charlotte Mary Anne Georgiana Osborne
46. Sackville Lane-Fox, 12th Baron Conyers

47. Marcia Pelham (m. Charles Alfred Worsley Pelham, 4th Earl of Yarborough)

48. Marcus Herbert Pelham, 6th Earl of Yarborough
49. John Edward Pelham, 7th Earl of Yarborough
50. Charles ‘Abd al-Mateen’ John Pelham, 8th Earl of Yarborough

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